Engineering services in investment construction
Technical consulting in the field of construction and architecture


As the project progresses it becomes more and more difficult to control the investment capital required to complete the project.

The IMOPEX Philosophy

IMOPEX is an engineering company offering project management during the various phases of the project lifecycle. 

Based on years of experience we view various tasks based on their positioning which is responsible for the preparation of the following task. As the tasks progress the accuracy of the goal improves.

Why choose us

  •  I     Individual solution for each project
  • M    Many years of experince in construction project management
  • O    Owners are involved in all projects
  • P     Perfect services
  • E     Effective project management
  • X     X times proven methodology

Our experience

 Based on our experience the preparatin phases initiation and planning dictate the size of the investment.

During these phases the creation of quality documentation of all tasks dictates the investment size and success of the project.


 IMOPEX s.r.o.  — Investor's representative, construction management, project manager, cost manager, investor's technical representative, process control of project documentation, BOZP co-ordinator

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